Tattoo Pigments – Pat Gauthier is a Tattoo Pigment Revolutionary

The Tattoo Pigment Revolution

The type of pigment chosen for tattoos is one of the most important parts of the tattoo procedure. The finest artist can use the best equipment and produce lackluster results as a result of poor tattoo pigment.


This is especially true in respect to cosmetic tattoos where inferior pigments can cause many different problems. One of the major reasons the growth of cosmetic tattooing was previously slowed down was due to poor tattoo pigments that led to unfavorable results. The reputation of cosmetic tattooing is changing and the industry is more popular than ever due to advances in the types of tattoo pigments being used.


Any talk about cosmetic tattoo pigments should start and finish with the work of Pat Shibley-Gauthier. She is considered a micro-pigmentation expert and one of the true pioneers in the area of tattoo pigments. 

The Best Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments

Pat Gauthier recognized the need for better cosmetic tattoo pigments and she was not satisfied until she developed the best tattoo pigments possible. . She is personally responsible for the formulas used to develop a lineup of 65 different pigment colors that are specifically designed for a number of unique uses. This includes pigment colors that are intended to recreate everyday makeup applications for eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner, camouflage and areola colors


Pat Gauthier has shown perseverance and devotion while developing this line of cosmetic tattoo pigments. Over two decades ago, she initially started experimenting with different ingredients for pigments in her own kitchen and eventually moved on to confer  with top chemists and laboratories to find the perfect mix of FDA approved ingredients.


Pat Gauthier is the founder of a company called Micro-Pigmentation Centre in Ontario, Canada. This facility manufactures the entire line of tattooing pigments which are currently being exported to 42  different countries. This facility is known all over the world because of the popularity of the pigments as well as the training courses and education offered at the school.
Transferring Knowledge in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry

Having one of the best tattoo pigment lines available in the industry is only one part of a successful cosmetic tattooing procedure This is why the courses, workshops and training seminars offered from the Micro-Pigmentation Centre are designed to explore the latest techniques and color theories available.


Permanent makeup artists who train at this facility have a thorough understanding of how the pigments interact with different skin types. This includes identifying the types of skin that are not good candidates for cosmetic tattooing. One of the major fundamentals repeated throughout the various seminars and workshops involves understanding how tattoo pigments look much different when they are actually viewed through the skin.  This understanding leads to professional results and better overall customer satisfaction.


Pat Gauthier continues to devote time to develop new colors to keep up with the changing trends and industry demands and perfecting the techniques used to apply them.


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